TREC approved MCE Courses for Realtors


1. BROKER RESPONSIBILITY COURSE [ 6 hours of MCE] Meets the TREC requirements for Brokers and those managing agents

2. LEGAL UPDATE 1- [4 Hours of MCE]- Basic required course for license renewal

3. LEGAL UPDATE 2 [Ethics]- [4 Hours of MCE]- Basic required course for license renewal

4. RISK MANAGEMENT FOR REALTORS [2 Hours of MCE]- How to stay out of trouble by avoiding the most common errors and mistakes and keeping good records.

  5. THE EVICTION PROCESS [2 hours of MCE] Designed to provide the basics of the court procedures, how to prepare, what to expect, and the final outcome.

6. UNDERSTANDING THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS [2 hours of MCE] Designed to help understand the procedures involved in the process and how long it takes to go from the default by the owners to the Bank/lender actually taking back possession. 

7. UNDERSTANDING THE TAR RESIDENTIAL LEASE [3 hours of MCE] A primer on the basics of the standard TAR residential lease form and some of the problem areas between the landlord and tenant.

8. UNDERSTANDING THE TAR COMMERCIAL CONTRACT [4 Hours of MCE] Designed to teach the real estate practitioner the basics of the form and to compare it to the TREC 1-4 Family Residential Contract.  This is an introductory/basic course.

9. TREC's 1-4 FAMILY CONTRACT [2 hours of MCE] Emphasis on the latest changes to the standard contract and the associated addenda.

10. UNDERSTANDING THE TAR COMMERCIAL LEASE [3 hours of MCE] Introductory class to help agents understand how to use the Lease and Addenda in a variety of commercial transactions.

11. SELLER FINANCING [2 hours of MCE] Designed to discuss the basics of Seller Financing and the various pitfalls that a real estate agent can encounter.

12. THE LAW OF CONTRACTS-Core course credit.

13. PROMULGATED CONTRACT FORMS-Core course credit.

14. LAW OF AGENCY-Core course credit

15. PRINCIPLES OF REAL ESTATE-Core course credit.

16. REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE-Core course credit.

I would be happy to teach a class at your office, attend a sales meeting and answer questions, or help you design a seminar to meet the needs of your company.  I am currently working on TREC approval of additional courses.  If you have a topic of interest send me an email.